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Offline authentication
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ND offline authentication product

Looking for Tablet bundled products or external storage products?

The answer is offline authentication!

Offline authentication is a method of automatically authenticating without internet connection. User installs the memory card, and authentication is automatically performed when the app is first run. You can not play content on other storage media by copying, moving, etc., or you can make the storage media available only to the first authenticated device.

Configurable products

  • Dedicated device type product available
  • Tablet PC & SD card combined product
  • Storage device (SD card etc.) bulk type
  • Use cases

  • Siwonschool: Siwonschool Tab
  • YoundDanki: YoungDanki Tab
  • Hackers Talk: Hackers Tab
  • Moonjeonga Chinese: Moonjeonga Tab
  • CBSi: Tong Bible Tab
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    ND online authentication product

    Considering content expiration, device number limit, or PC download deployment?

    Online authentication may be a good choice.

    It is a method to authenticate through the serial number that the user has been given, and it is necessary to access online at the time of authentication (one-time only). After authentication, you can freely use content in offline environment. If you are looking for a content business in a poor network environment, this is a better service.

    Content expiration

    If content expiration is set, you will not be able to play content that has expired. Also, if you manipulated the time on your device, you can not play content that has expired or has been out of date in offline environment.

  • Type: Indefinite, flexible expiration (set playable period), fixed expiration (set date and time of expiration)
  • Use Case: Private Note, Etoos India
  • Configurable products

  • Form of external storage device (SD card etc.)
  • Package type of storage device and commercialization
  • Online distribution type of PC download method
  • Use cases

  • Private Note
  • Etoos India
  • Cinephilia
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    Inka Entworks ND use case - Siwonschool Inka Entworks ND use case - Moonjeonga Chinese Inka Entworks ND use case - Danki Tab Inka Entworks ND use case - Hackers

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